Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Patience! Stuff Coming.

I'm "borrowing" a computer and satellite signal now, because things are achingly slow out in the motor home, so when we move to a better area, watch for something I'll call "T-Rex vs. Blind Faith".. no it's not a '60s battle of the bands, but some quick ruminations on our brief stay at Dinosaur Valley State Park, (and their not-so-subtle next door neighbor). Also, watch for a new slide show from the park, a very cool place!

Got some links to some recent interesting posts from Steve B. and Patrick. Those who are regulars have probably already seen them.

Will I post something on OSU's latest embarrassing defeat at the hands of the SEC... ? maybe.

Stay tuned.

Oh! Quickly: Pictures from the weekend's trial in Glen Rose, TX are uploaded and ready for viewing at our website... link at right. Pass it on!

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