Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Steven Dunn/Getty Images

Another day, another feel-good story. And they have more in common than just the Maize and Blue color schemes will lead you to believe. Yesterday, Michigan sent Lloyd Carr out on a winning note. Tonight, in the Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia manhandled Oklahoma to the tune of 48-28. Yesterday, Michigan rolled up over 500 yards in total offense, using good old fashioned Big 10 Smash Mouth Football. Tonight, in the Arizona desert, West Virginia U rolled up over 500 yards in total offense using the "Spread" offense, tweaked to its highest level by former WVU and current (as of today) Michigan coach, Rich Rodriguez. Neither team was given much of a chance against their opponents.

Not only did we get to see the kind of exciting football that will be displayed in Ann Arbor next Fall... (and who doesn't like a bunch of 50+ yard touchdown runs), but we also previewed WVU's "3-3-5 Stack" defense; a defense critics say will never work against Big 10 offenses. Ask Oklahoma how they like it. ;)

So, congratulations to interim (and making a powerful statement for permanance) coach, Bill Stewart and the West Virginia Mountaineers for setting aside the distractions, and getting the job done against the Sooners, and for giving us Michigan fans a glimpse into a rosy future... pun intended.

UPDATE: This just in. It's a done deal.

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  1. That's well-deserved news for Bill Stewart. I have no idea if winning the bowl game was a contingency for him getting the job, but it sure didn't hurt. And yes, they made the Sooners look not-so-good after all.

    And yes, Dan, I lost money on that game, too.