Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dad? Can We Go Hunting?

That's what he's saying. I don't need an animal communicator to figure that out. It's been four days.. the winds of the last two days (35, gusting to 50 and blowing lots of dust) has petered out, bringing in a cold front from the North. Perfect, to go out and chase a few.
As usual, Buffy used her scouting talents to jump all the hares today. She just doesn't have the endurance any more to stay in the race, (and the picture). I had Sandia on a slip lead for this one. I let him free course back to the car, and on the way back Buffy jumped one for him.. they disappeared across the road, but I did see Sandia jump one of his own on the way back. Just about the time we got to the car, we got another one up, but too far away. I actually called Sandia off of it. He's one smart puppy.

Today's Nature Shot: Horned Larks. This desert's thick with 'em.
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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Good! More coursing stories. How do you keep your dogs in such good coursing shape while being on the road so often?


  2. Great question! Probably worth a post in itself. Short answer, is we can't. We're usually at RV parks that don't have off lead areas. Fortunately, beginning around December last year, we were lucky to stay at a couple of privete residences that did have big, fenced areas... we took full advantage of them. :) Other than that, we walk the dogs. A lot!