Monday, January 14, 2008

Close, But No Cigar.

TCC, (The Coursing Conservancy), held its flagship event this past weekend at a location somewhere in a Southwestern state. We were interested in the results, because all of Sandia's relatives were entered. We figured any one of them would be a lock to win it all. We were wrong. So, congratulations to "Red".. (shown here running with Rally last February... the run where Rally's plantar ligament bit the dust). There was good news, though, as Sandia's mother, "Gogal" was second, and his Aunt "Camille" was third.

We're parked for the night in Fort Stockton, TX. Tomorrow, we'll finally be in New Mexico, and by Wednesday Sandia will finally see his first jackrabbit. And Randir will amaze me yet again. It's about damn time!


  1. Two questions:

    Is Red a greyhound?
    What is that blocky collar he has on (telemetry)? Thanks

  2. Red, if I'm not mistaken, (and I haven't had independent confirmation that this picture really is Red... but I'm 99% certain), is 75% greyhound 25% Saluki. When the picture was taken, it was the dog's first time off lead, but I never noticed the collar until you mentioned it.. and I was there!. But it looks like a radio collar like you would use on a scenthound; just in case.