Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We're still over about 2 months away from our Winter break in New Mexico. We've got a bunch of dogs that aren't getting any younger, and one who has yet to see his first jackrabbit. And here we sit on the wrong side of the country.

Meanwhile, many of our friends have already gotten a couple of hunts under their belts in Wyoming and New Mexico. Blog posts about hunting are showing up here, and here.

And perhaps, the bit that increases my anticipation of getting into the desert the most, was the news from the TCC mixed hunt the weekend before last: The hunt was won by Sandia's sire, Tuxedo; 2nd was his "Aunt" Camille; 3rd was his mother, Gogal. A real "family affair".

So, when you see us over the next several weeks, make sure you buy lots and lots of pictures so we can enjoy our New Mexico trip... at $3.50/gallon. =8^(


  1. Hi Dan,

    Why are you complaining about the gas price. Right now we are paying $9 a Gallon in Europe!!!!
    I hope Sandy is doing great and we wish you and Margaret a nice stay in NM.
    Love from Holland

    Anke and the Galgos

  2. Why? Because we're spoiled! We've got to go over a thousand miles to get to New Mexico.. how many times around the Netherlands will that take you? ;^)