Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Good Blog

I noticed Christie Keith's "Dogged" blog on Patrick Burns' blog list this morning. I've known who Christie is for many, many years from postings on the Scottish Deerhound discussion list, but I've not looked at any of her writings prior to this.

I figured, if Patrick likes it... it must be good! And the post I read today was damned good. All about a more than slightly disengenuous marketing campaign by a well known pharmaceutical company. Good enough to add "Dogged" to the blogroll on the right. There many more good dog-related, (and some entertaining non-dog-related, as well), posts. Check it out.


  1. Hi, Dan! I saw some traffic on Dogged from your blog, and came on over... thank you! I'm a huge fan of your photography. You're brilliant.

  2. Well there.. that's how you start a mutual admiration society... Thanks!