Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nature Shots of the Weekend

From Scattergun Reserve. Conneautville, PA....
Plant life. Any botanists (amateur or professional) out there know what this is? It was deep in the woods, next to a small pool, and it had no relatives nearby that I could see. A hermit. It sure is red.

Plants and animals... I know this image is kind of cliche'd, but I don't use my macro lens nearly enough. So here it is.

If you like them, I'd look for these and others like them at our Nature and landscape image website .

EDIT: Well, well, well... thanks to reader "Anonymous", we now know that that beautiful red flower above is known as the "Cardinal Flower". You can look, but don't eat it!


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    That lovely wildflower is Lobelia cardinalis.

  2. Thank You! uh, "anonymous". Why anonymous? And does it have a common name... like Red Light District Flower? Never mind... I can "Google" with the best of 'em.