Sunday, August 26, 2007


TSH WatermelonMan @ Shotonsite. ("Sandia"). Born 5/18/07. This little fellow wasn't originally available, but once he showed signs of getting a wire coat, he was. You don't have to ask us twice! He caught my attention the first time we looked at the pictures. The eyes have it!
Thank You Chris! Watch this space for more pictures... lots more pictures ;-)


  1. Congratulations, Dan! I was just about to write and ask about your pick. Keep the photos coming.

  2. Oh yeah.. lots and lots of photos. I'll be like a doting parent! 400 miles on the road, he's already crate trained, and not too bad on a leash (all firsts). Needs to work on that housebreaking thing a little :0

  3. What fun - and wire to boot! I'm looking forward to meeting him later on this fall.

    (hey Steve: I'm enjoying reading your _On the Edge of the Wild_ right now)

  4. You buy that book from the Shot On Site travelling bookshop?

  5. Ummm, er, um, I haven't seen you in a while Dan. Summer in Region 4 and all that.

    I bought _Querencia_ from you last spring, but bought _OtEotW_ through Amazon earlier this summer after getting back from our trip to Mountainair & Santa Fe. Paul like Q so well he bought another copy (from High Lonesome, I think) to send to his father.