Saturday, June 02, 2007

The First Day Of the II

Rain was in the forecast, but it didn't happen. At least not until the trial was over. Then it rained. With a vengeance. Probably got 2 inches of heavy, heavy rain. So what if it proved the "water resistance" of our brand new EZ Up was a joke. It didn't effect the trial which, despite the wailing of the cassandras who didn't even bother to show up, went off without a hitch. The people who were here were determined to have a good time, and a good time was had by all. In fact, I'm guessing most people are happy that the grumps stayed home (you know who you are.. I don't, but I've been assured you do). The clubs who put this event on have done a great job.. I'd say better than last year's event.

Meanwhile, the sky has cleared, we've relaxed with our single malt to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it looks like tomorrow morning will break as clear and sunny as this morning. And with the truncated entry, it looks like we'll be able to get out of here early and make it to Lexington on Tuesday for the Saluki specialty.

Oh yeah... and I got hit by a whippet today. I'll post the last picture I took before I said "Oh F*ck" when I get it loaded on this computer. My knee hurts.

Update 1. Ah, there it is...

Y'know.. I think right about this point he was saying it, too!

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