Friday, June 01, 2007

First Day at the II

It's the premier event of the year for ASFA. The "International Invitational". Say it loud, say it proud. And international it is. We're parked on one side of a driveway... that driveway will represent the Detroit River. On the other side of the driveway are no less than 6 vehicles sporting Ontario, Canada license plates. We must be in Michigan! But no! We're in Minnesota! Which also shares a border with Ontario.. it's a really big province!

Anyway, this is not about borders, or Canadians. It's about dogs. And while a whole lot of dog owners have chosen not to come to Minnesota for ASFA's premier event, the ones who are here are determined to have a good time.
We arrived yesterday afternoon. We were really early, and enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep at the Dakota County Fairgrounds. Tonight we're surrounded by the aforementioned Canadians, plus Virginians, Wisconsonians, Michiganders, and the occasional Arkansans and FIBs from Illinois. (Ask your mother). Not to mention dozens and dozens of Minnesotans. We had a good free dinner tonight of fried chicken, and good Minnesota wild rice (I love Minnesota wild rice!), and some really rich brownies.. So far, so good..

Many of the people who chose not to come did so based on the fields... considering them "too small". Based on the reconnoitering I've done so far, the fields look fine. The smallest of the two fields has a course over 1000 yards, and it's not cramped. The large lilac (or whatever plant it is) in the middle of the course is really going to separate the dogs who pay attention from those than don't. It should be quite entertaining. Especially if any of the dogs stop to pick up one of the thousands of chicken bones left over from last weekend's Hmong chicken food fight. Apparently the Hmong don't believe in dumpsters, having a more primitive outlook on eating. Unfortunately, I'm not shooting at this field.

I'll instead, be at the field that most recently hosted the World War III of paintball massacres. There are literally thousands of unexploded paintballs in the field. Walking through the field in a haphazard manner will leave you looking like this hapless soul...
....I can't wait to see how the white dogs look after a run through this minefield.

Anyway, that's it from Farmington, MN... and if it seems as if I'm rambling more than usual, well... 3 margaritas will do it every time.


  1. Hmong food fights and paintball massacres - this sounds like an interesting place.

    Please please please keep up the updates for those of us not there.


  2. . . . and keep on the margaritas too for those of us there in spirit.

    Tina, the Deerhounds and the whippersnapper

  3. Thanks for the positive comments! Us Minnesota clubs were a little gun shy, so to speak, since there were a lot of negative remarks made about the fields. I think people were surprised that the fields really weren't all that bad. After all, it's the midwest, it's flat up here;)

  4. No problem, Raven. I must now apologize for not getting your comment published until August! Somehow I missed it. It was a small, but fun II. Just wish we'd made more money :-)