Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This Week's Scary Image.

Is this the scariest bridge in the US? I can't say, not having crossed every bridge in the US... but this one tops my personal list! Just look at this sucker... it's what I'd call an "over/under" design, only instead of the usual 2, or 4 lanes above and below, this is a single lane, as it crosses the Missouri River between Nebraska and Yankton, South Dakota, (hometown, apparently, of Tom Brokaw).

It's not exactly a wide lane, either. Add our high profile vehicle, and a strong, gusty wind coming from the West (our Left), and you've got a recipe for white knuckle driving.

This was the second time we'd ever crossed this bridge, and it wasn't any more fun than the first time.

Images by Margaret, from the co-captain chair.

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