Wednesday, April 11, 2007


April 3, 2007 Interstate 45 near Huntsville, TX. (Where they do the needle thing... I hear the Texas legislature is considering the death penalty for jaywalkers. And down the line, they may want to also kill people who wear stripes with plaid, or polyester.) The wildflowers were blooming, the weather was downright hot.. and humid. The sun was shining. Ahhh Spring!!

April 5, 2007 Weidmann Park, Valley Center, KS. Hmmmm.

April 11, 2007 Kellogg RV Park, Kellogg, IA. There's a disturbing pattern developing here. Can you see it? Remember that cute little lamb picture from March 31... that was supposed to signify "March goes out like a lamb". Apparently, that lamb had another agenda, because once he went silently into the barn, he apparently transformed himself into Hannibal Lector!

This has already been a record-breaking Fall/Winter/Spring for us, weatherwise... this latest bunch of white precipitation will just assure that the record is never broken. So there is a plus-side, I guess: It will never be this bad again.


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