Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Comments- and A New Poll

Maybe you noticed I let a couple of weeks go without any posts. I was simmering... a little pissed, even. I try to make this blog informative, and to an even greater extent: entertaining. Other than a couple of comments that I actively solicited, I got no feedback on my April Fools Day post.

I realized part of the problem was that comments on this blog are moderated.. and you have to create an identity (even if it's "anonymous"). Maybe more work than you're willing to put in to it. (Or maybe you really believe "Bubba's" ancestors were created by Georgia hillbillies!)

So, I'm thinking of unmoderating the comments section. I originally did it because I got spam comments. I've created a new poll.. over on the sidebar. If the numbers support it, I'll remove the hard parts...

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