Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yet Another Fine Day In the Field.

Up early yesterday morning. Meet with Dutch, and Susan, who's visiting from way up in Ontario, Canada, with her two deerhounds. The weather is ideal, the mud we trudged through 10 days ago is only a memory.

Unusual day for the hounds in that they caught every hare they chased. The sequence in this online album is from the second hare. Rally was in the lead until she collided with Angie a millisecond after this cover image was taken. She's very sore today, but is moving around- much better now than when we got home yesterday. She could barely stand at that point. If she continues to improve at this rate we won't have to pull our pack from this weekend's Pack Hunt.

Enjoy.. and remember, all images Copyright 2007, Shot On Site Photography. Leave 'em online.

Coming soon: Album from today's trip to the Gila National Wilderness Catwalk.

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