Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Image of the Day

The view from Nick's Dome Cache. Had to do some climbing to find this one. If you look on the righthand side, on the "road", you'll see the Escape, where Margaret and Rally were waiting. They served a valuable service waiting by the car, however. When we arrived, the GPSr was connected to the car- when I disconnected it, it went blank. The batteries were dead! Here I was, within a 10th of a mile from the cache, and in the middle of freakin' nowhere, with no tool to get to the goodies! Why I crashed out of the Boy Scouts. I decided to go looking anyway.

While I was scouting around a rockpile that looked promising, Margaret waited by the car. About a half hour later, a guy came up the hill in a jeep. He was looking for a way around the mountain. Not here, dude. So when he turned around, Margaret blocked his path and forced him to sell us two used AA batteries, which he took out of his flashlight. She gave him 2 bucks.

Freshly armed, I climbed the mountain, and found that sucker! This was a big one.

I decided to be greedy, and take one of the Border Patrol luggage tags. There were lots of fun things in there, including a Fuji single use camera with a couple of shots left. So I took a self portrait. This is a lot of fun, and today- a lot of work!

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