Monday, February 19, 2007

Dutch's Hunts.

People are whining.. actually only one person is whining (LOL), about not seeing any results from the Pack Hunt and Desert Hare Classic. Having just finished my article for Performance Sighthound Journal, and hitting "send", I really don't want to cut myself off at the paycheck, so you won't see any details here. But I will say they were fun, we had plenty to eat and imbibe, and we used our GPS receiver for the first time to plot an organized, methodical trek. It seemed to work well. The above is the track, and waypoints ("HAR-" is jackrabbits jumped and coursed, "NC-" is, of course, "no course") for the Desert Hare Classic. We found the "glory hole" and we worked it!

The weekend's big winners were Dutch, and Chris M. For how they did it, you have to buy the magazine!
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  1. So, how far did you hike total? Looks like a productive day.

  2. Just a little under 8 miles. It was starting to get warm.

  3. Great article on the pack hunt. I am curious about something though. What is a Ben Hardaway hound? Not a Hardaway fox hound right?

  4. Nope.. not foxhounds, but they are bred by Ben Hardaway, probably from his foxhounds, and greyhounds and greyhound crosses he got from Dutch.