Friday, February 09, 2007


Yesterday was a "tourist" day. We decided to revisit the Whitewater Creek Catwalk, in the Gila National Wilderness. We went last year in the midst of the 5 year drought. Not a lot of water in the creek at that time. We thought... wrongly as it turned out... that with all the recent rain and snow in the area, that there would be a whole lot more water this time. While the level was up slightly, it didn't quite thrill like a roaring torrent would. The record water level in the canyon is about 6 feet above the catwalk floor level, and about 20 feet above what you see here. Judging by the washout areas on the access road, we were a few weeks late.

The canyon is characterized by high, steep rock walls, and massive boulders in the streambed.

A little closeup detail of one of the many falls in the canyon.

We know that lady in red, I think.

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