Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Sighthounds Do.

Watch this. Don't forget to breathe.

HT to Steven K. in New Mexico.


  1. Where is this and what are they chasing? Looks like Africa and a small gazelle?

  2. It's a Gazelle, and one long-winded Saluki. I would guess Saudi Arabia, or that neck of the woods.

  3. Yeah, that's what I said.
    You bringin' the big dogs to Looziana?

  4. Bringin' them? We live here. lol

    Where, exactly? What event?

    Our doggies haven't gotten to do a whole lot since we've moved here. There are no dog parks, and we've not been able to afford showing this year. The good news is, we're never going to purposefully go into debt again, so we're setting a good foundation for the puppies of the future. ;)

    You must be talking about the coursing in Folsom. We're way up in Monroe. It's a short drive when you're ahead of your bills, but we've just clambered to the top, and I'd like us to settle in for a while. We're going to try to get a little business at the Pine Bluff dog show, and I hope that will enable us to do more stuff. The doggies is bored.

    We do have a few brave rabbits that come into our .5 acre plot, though. Patience loves the .5 second chase. heheheh