Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pizza Hut It Ain't!

We've made our first pilgrimage into New Orleans in two years. To say that things look a little different, would be understating the obvious.

For the most part, this trip was pretty business-like. We spent a couple of hours on about a quarter-mile section of N. Peters Street.. the French Market area. We needed to restock on our- Oops! I almost let it slip.. a secret ingredient for my famous Bloody Marys, (available only at the French Marketplace Seafood Co.).

Then it was time for lunch. Prior to our visit I'd asked for recommendations for cheap eats in the Quarter. The recommendation was for the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, located in this building on the corner of Decatur and Barracks St., right at the end of the French Market.

Now, when I think of New Orleans, pizza (or Italian food in general) is not the thing that first jumps into my mind. After I thought about it a bit, though, I figured we'd get some local flavor even in a pizza joint. Was I right. The boys at PepsiCo just haven't got a clue when it comes to a "sausage-lover's pizza". Check out the Salciccia Marinara pizza on this menu. Now, that's a sausage lover's pizza! Margaret had the Crawfish Etouffe pizza.. actually, we shared. Washed down with a Turbo Dog. We will be back. And a HUGE Hat Tip to Matthew Mullenix for this recommendation!

We passed on the dessert at the Pizza Kitchen, and opted instead for a more "touristy" treat: Coffee and Beignets at Cafe du Monde. Picked up a couple of cool new T-Shirts at Jester's, some Mardi Gras masks to send to Margaret's grandkids, and we were ready to head back across Ponchartrain to Fountainbleu State Park.

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  1. Maybe tourist-y, but damned tasty, that Cafe du Monde coffee! I have a friend who's family is from way back NO. It was always a treat to have his relatives visiting when I was over there.

  2. We're kind of partial to Community Coffee - sans chicory- (which, as you know, you can get in Georgia). We grind our own, and we haven't been able to find Cafe du Monde coffee in the whole bean form.

    It was a very quiet day in the quarter. Weird. Never seen it like that. Lots of construction going on, and almost all businesses open. They're also working hard at getting the Market back together.

  3. Hey guys,

    So glad you made it to LPK! It's long been a favorite of mine. Sorry to miss you in BR. Maybe next time.