Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I just noticed that the "Comments" feature on the blog was switched off. Not sure how it happened, but I know there are thous... uh, hun...., dozen..., oh hell, a couple of you out there that will want to comment on some of the recent onslaught of posts. This is to let you know that I've fixed it, so go ahead and comment away!


  1. So, how does the seafood compare to Charley's?

    Used to go out to Bon Secour a lot for fresh shrimp. There were some good little seafood places out there too.

  2. Well it's a hell of a lot closer to the source! LOL. But I do like Charley's cajun oysters (but with a little less "Dave's" than I had the last time.)

  3. Is that an Insanity Sauce reference?

    I'm glad comments are back on. Your rare-hare picture is beautimous! Will there be a Hare-Brained Bus in Glen Rose, TX this year?

  4. Yes, Dave's Insanity Sauce. For some reason a dime size dollop came out of the bottle. For some reason, I ate the oyster anyway. I was lobster-red, and voiceless for several minutes.

    Currently, the "Express" is scheduled to be in Louisiana that weekend, rather than Glen Rose.