Monday, July 24, 2006

Wrap Music

We're always on the lookout for tasty, less than fattening, fast food, and today, while looking for a source for cheap poop bags (our dog friends will understand), we stumbled on Roly Poly in Jackson, MI. This is a 10 year old Atlanta franchise business that specializes in wraps. And not just the old turkey, lettuce, american cheese slices.. no sirree. Today, we had the Number 38, Hickory Cristo: Smoked turkey, melted brie & swiss, spinach, mushrooms and tomato- in, your choice, a regular tortilla, a low carb tortilla, or a whole wheat tortilla. Add to that some fresh asparagus soup, and it's a hell of a good lunch.

Next, we want to try the #30, Basil Cashew Chicken. Check it out on the menu. If there's one of these where you live, give it a shot. Very tasty stuff.

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  1. We love Rolly Pollys. After spending two months at a corporate job (yes, that is all I could take working for someone else who thinks our customers may hear the color of our shoes over the phone) providing operations suport for a big, brown, nameless company, I was completely smitten with Atlanta. I keep finding more and more things that started there that are absolutely delicious . . . like Atlanta Bread Company, and I think Waffle House. That should explain why there is a WH on every corner . . . next to a super Target. :P