Saturday, July 22, 2006

Calling All Mycologists!

Or.. more flora from the Holiday RV Park.

I decided it was time to let the events in the rest of the world take care of themselves, and I should get back to covering what's been going on locally. Thus, the following images. I want you to know I sacrificed my body to the deerfly and mosquito hordes to get these..
This place is a mycophile's (if there is such a word) dream. There are more varieties of mushrooms and other fungi scattered around the park, I don't have room to put them all here. They grow in colonies, and are very photogenic, like the above group.

Or individually, like this one.

They can also be ugly.. like a fungal version of moose puke!

No weaklings, they push themselves up out of the earth.. become impressive, blood-red goliaths like this. I'm not sure this is an edible variety. I wouldn't want to try it.

I do have some shots of mushrooms I'm 98% sure are edible.. I've seen them in the supermarket. I think. There's that 2% that worries me. Anyway, I'll have to upload another gallery, because it seems there's a numerical limit to the number of images I can put in one post. So, I'll leave you with the perfect parting shot:

I mean, what's a bunch of toadstools without, well.... you get the idea.

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