Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Updates, Updates, Updates

California AB2110

This odious piece of legislation has passed out of committee. I'm not sure when it will come before the full assembly, but people in California are advised to not give up now. It squeaked out on a 4-3 vote, with the bill's sponsor "sitting in" to fill a vacancy and break the tie on her own bill. Interesting.

Also interesting is a reported last minute amendment that will narrow the bill's scope, possibly banning only "competitive" open field coursing. Details are too sketchy now, but if this is true it should be considered a major victory, and probably more than the dumb asses who brought this all on themselves deserve. More here when details are known.

Shot On Site Schedule..

Getting back to the mundane... here's the latest on where we're going to be over the next several weeks..
  • April 9 - GLIWA, Racine WI, ASFA trial. Irish Wolfhounds only
  • April 15-16 BCOSW, Belvedere IL. ASFA
  • April 22-23 WCLCC, Crown Point IN. ASFA
  • April 25-29 Irish Wolfhound Club of America National Specialty. ASFA, LGRA, etc.
  • May 8-13 Scottish Deerhound Club of America Nat. Specialty. ASFA, LGRA, etc.
  • May 20-21 CCRR, Other Breed NOTRA, Carthage, IN
  • May 27-28 Unknown
  • June 3-4 ASFA International Invitational, Falcon CO
  • June 23-25 "Ridgeback Rodeo" somewhere in Pennsylvania..

That's the news for now. See you out and about.

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