Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Lost Weekend

But before I go into last weekend... it's time to update the Shot On Site schedule..

Feb 5-6 GIT NOTRA McKinney, TX (Doggie Camp)
Feb 12-13 NOTHING! We need your input!
Feb 19 Dutch Salmon's Desert Hare Classic Somewhere in NM.
Feb 20 TCC Open/Mixed Hunt Somewhere in NM

To make a long story short... as if that were easy for me to do... but the details will be found in the next issue of Performance Sighthound Journal.

We went to New Mexico last weekend for Dutch Salmon's Pack Hunt. This is an event where folks run their hounds, or "pack", against the blacktailed jackrabbit, with the only "judge" being whether they catch the hare or not. Well, it was a long day, and our pack... "Dan's Hot All-Girl Review"... was drawn to go 6th. Well, by the time we were ready to run, Rally had gone into a hypoglycemic funk, and couldn't run. So our pack was reduced to Fanny and Buffy. Buffy being Buffy, just ran really fast straight ahead, and was a non-factor. Fanny was right on the jack for a couple hundred yards, but without help from Buffy, our day- and entry fee- was a lost cause.

Congratulations do go to Bill and Cindy Brown, and Chris Mason, whose packs did manage to catch their jacks.

The next day, the TCC hunt at the Corralitos, just kind of disintegrated, as we ran only one rabbit before 1 O'Clock, and the wind came up and everyone went home without completing the mixed hunt, or the Saluki breed hunt.

Thus, lost weekend.

But Monday was a new week, and we decided to take the girls- and Randir- back to the Corralitos for some free coursing. The best news to come out of this was that Rally seemed to be mostly recovered from her weekend "event", and her formerly dislocated toe seems to have held together well, when taped, as the photo shows.

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM


    So glad you kids re-found each other;

    and now to make these beautiful images is

    another big bonus for us as well.


    Peace, and Good Will Hunting,

    Frank and Anne Vigneri
    Placitas, New Mexico