Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Hot Product: A Shot On Site Calendar!

As you probably know, we have a Facebook page, where we post pictures on a daily basis, and throw in the occasional promotion for items in our CafePress store. A while back, I had the brainstorm that we could create a 2011 calendar featuring the most popular images of the year, based on the number of "Likes" they got from the page's members. Margaret now has the calendar 99% done! Above is the cover.

The calendar will be available through, at our storefront there. The price will be $20 each, (includes postage).


If you act now... you can receive your 2011 Shot On Site Facebook Calendar for only $15! (Includes postage). To get this $5 savings, you must order, prepaid, directly from Margaret:, before Midnight November 14. That's this coming Sunday, folks! You can pay using your PayPal account, or make alternate arrangements with Margaret. After that, you may order your calendars from at the link above.

It's a heck of a deal. I'd jump right on it!

UPDATE 11-16-10: Pre-Orders are now closed. Standard price orders can be made by clicking the new link at the top of the right sidebar.

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