Friday, June 26, 2009

Very Early in the Morning.

Most mornings, when Sandia demands to be let out at 6AM, I get really cranky, and ignore the barking as best I can. But there are advantages to getting up so early in the morning... for instance, we would have missed this amazing rainbow over the Floridas had we slept in just another 30 minutes!

Watching the weather radar, the rain causing the rainbow made an S-curve through the gap to the left and went behind the Little Floridas, missing us. Again. The annual "monsoonal flow" has begun, but you couldn't prove it by us. We can sit on the porch and watch it rain on Deming, but so far, with the exception of an hour-long splash the other night, it keeps missing us. At least it keeps the weeds down.

By the way, this was taken with my new phone! It's got an amazing camera. It's an LG enV Touch, with a 3.2MP camera with a Schneider Kreuznach lens, and tons of editing software. I'm using it a lot!

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