Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doubly Suspended, at the ASFA II

They say the closer you can run to the ground, the faster you will go. This guy must be really flying! Or crashing.

And here's something only a handful of people saw on Saturday. The lightning and thunder were closing in, the judges on Field B decided to get the hell off the top of the hill, and to get the lure operator off the ladder. The whippets that had been at the line, were on their way down the hill to shelter. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye in the direction of the woods...

...and away he (she?) went, across the coursing field, and over a fence and out of sight. Someone shouted the obvious, "loose the Deerhounds!". Only myself, 2 of the field clerks, and the two judges saw it.

I have no idea if the deer was watching from the edge of the forest, waiting for an opportunity to bolt, or if it was just the beneficiary of extremely lucky timing. Whichever... it showed great form!


  1. Wowza! I know enough about coursing dogs not to try and guess what kind of dog that dog in the top picture is... but that's an incredible picture of a flying dog. He (?) is soooo stretched out, filling his lungs to the max, and just covering ground.

    Again, great pic.


  2. Whippet. And is actually crashing.. course ran down hill to a tiny ditch at the bottom, then went uphill. If the stride wasn't timed right, especially for a fast dog, it was like running into a wall. Next shot was a faceplant ;-)