Thursday, March 06, 2008

OK. Not Funny Any More.

This started about 7 last night. Just light flurries now, but the winter storm warning continues until 6PM tonight, with another 1-4 expected. And I have to drive in to the airport to get Margaret at 4. In one of those meteorological mysteries, there's virtually no snow in Albuquerque, just 30 miles away. The problem will be getting there.
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  1. and in Louisiana . . .
    43° F | 26° F
    6° C | -3° C
    Chance of Snow

    Don't worry, it should be warmer down in Bush!

    Hope the trip to the airport goes okay.


  2. We have it too, but the harder variety. About 2 inches of sleet, mixed with a little snow and freezing rain. Think "driving on well lubricated ball bearings". A large contingent of the 4WD crowd is hanging around waiting to get pulled out of ditches. 4WD doesn't mean four wheel stop. I am staying home.

  3. I'd take that few inches of snow any day compared to what we are expecting here in NE Ohio...they say 10-14 inches of white stuff over the next 24 hours.

  4. Elaine12:17 AM

    Snow? That's not snow! That's only a 'light dusting' here in Edgewood. LOL... You should have been here the day we had 28".