Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forward.. Into the Past.

Let me digress briefly. Yes... of course the WalMart gas station with the refueling alien was Roswell. We spent that night in Tatum, NM. The town has free full hookups behind the community center. A nice touch. Last time we stayed there.. a couple years ago.. it was Thanksgiving week. We got invited into the center for the town's annual potluck Thanksgiving dinner! We have a soft spot for Tatum.

The next night, we stayed here:
Where is it? Nearest major city will do. (Todd can't play).
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  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I'm not sure how to answer, so I'll try this.

    I enlarged the photo and there appears to be mistletoe in the trees. If that is, in fact, mistletoe, the picture was probably taken in TX. Now then, where in Texas?

    San Antonio? Nope...the trees would have leaves and Tatum would not be on the beaten track to San Antonio.

    OK, depending upon what you classify as a "major city", my guess is the nearest major city would be Ft. Worth, which is where you were headed, right?


  2. Now just the other day, I told you it was "about 100 miles" from where we were. Fort Worth was only about 30 miles from there. So, no. And since it looks like nobocy else is going to play. It's Dyess AFB in Tye, TX... the only base in America (along with possibly Elmendorf in SD) to house the B1B. So I would have accepted Abilene, TX. Game over.