Monday, February 04, 2008

The Dark Side.

Absolutely last word on the Subpar Super Bowl... The Nueva York Giants were the recipients of some of the greatest luck in the history of sport. Or was it luck? Maybe there were dark forces at work that we can only wonder at, or dream of.

This was the kind of "luck" that Notre Dame used to have before their god deserted them after the hiring of Charlie Weis. There must be supernatural forces in play here... but not benign forces. These are dark forces. These are Faustian- Robert Johnson down-to-the-crossroads kind of sinister forces. I'm convinced of it. What other explanation could there be for this...

So enjoy your brief notoriety, Eli. Down the road, the piper will still have to be paid.

Damn... I despise that whole hillbilly family ;^)


  1. Dan:

    I learned two things after the Super Bowl. First, just cause you happened to meet the opposing team's QB on the street and he happens to be a nice guy, don't wish him 'good luck.' Second, even if you think you're offering him a tough bet, never let your father-in-law bet against your team. I hereby apologize to Patriot Nation for any part I may have played in this Faustian drama.

    Still, if three Pats who get hands on Eli can't bring him down, and David Tyree can catch the throw off his helmet, then they frankly deserved it. As much as I hate saying it.

  2. *You* did all that? Well, this gets curiouser and curiouser! We need the USAG to open an investigation. A special prosecuter is called for!
    FWIW I agree, re: the defense on "the play"... finish the tackle and the game's over... but just let me wallow for a week or so. I enjoy it.