Tuesday, February 19, 2008

British Invasion

In the last couple of hours we've had blog visitors from England, Scotland, and Ireland. They arrived from a message board on this very cool British website. Not being a member, I don't have access to the message that linked to our blog, but they seemed to spend time looking at the Desert Hare Classic posts and picture.

Interesting website, covering all things "hunting" in the UK.. of particular interest: Lurchers, and Lamping. Return the favor, and check it out.

UPDATE: The Hunting Life website has been added to our link list.


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Dear Dan and Margaret,

    I took the liberty of creating a link to your blog on the Huntinglife. For the lovers of longdogs and coursing your blog is the best around...most of us on this side of the ocean can only sigh with envy and nostalgia...

    best wishes from the Netherlands

    Lennard (galgo owner, but no Zarandillo...yet)

  2. Thank You Lennard, for the great compliment. Unfortunately, the coursing reports will be ending in a couple of weeks until next January, as we have to get back to the populated areas of the US and make some money! In fact, we have to make a lot of money... we think we found a house and acreage we like outside of Deming!