Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Family that Preys Together...

Sandia's Aunt Camille ...and himself.
UPDATE 1/23/08: Some people thought that Sandia caught a second jack. Would that that were true! I just remembered this picture of Camille from a TCC hunt two years ago, (which also appeared in the Performance Sighthound Journal article on the Galgo), and how Sandia looked so similar with his jack. I wanted to put the two together. That's all.


  1. BluegrassBill3:56 PM

    Looks like something I saw yesterday:-) Great pictures but I'm not sure there's a way to convey the excitement of Sandia's course. Congratulations...Bill

  2. Bill: that would be in the previous post. ;-)

  3. *Another* one?? Congratulations!!!

  4. No, Todd... My fault; I should have made the point clearer. The picture of Camille is from a hunt 2 years ago, and the picture of Sandia is of the same jack as yesterday. I just liked that they both carry the jack by the throat (or, close enough), and both have the same evil, serial killer expression. And they're related.

    I don't let him run two days in a row at this age, but we will go out with Dutch tomorrow.. that should be fun.

  5. I LOVE seeing photos of them with their kills. Beautiful dogs doing what they were made to do!