Tuesday, October 23, 2007


As it turns out, we will not be going to the Bluegrass Coursing Club's November trials, as noted on our schedule for the past couple months. That leaves an open date between the ASFA Region 7 regional and the MAWA trial in Calhoun, GA. If anyone has suggestions, let us know, (although this makes Margaret very happy as it allows extra time with the grandkids!)

I'm a bit peeved, myself. Many trial organizers, when they think about a photographer at all, (which is seldom), make the convenient choice, rather than consider what the exhibitors would prefer. There's a reason Shot On Site Photography has been selected to shoot 11 of the last 12 ASFA International Invitationals, (and have been selected already for '08), the inaugural ASFA National Greyhound specialty and this year's event as well, 9 of the last 10 Saluki Specialties, and... well I could go on, but I think the point's been made.

We're easy to reach: dan@shotonsite.us , or margaret@shotonsite.us ...and the phone number is on our website. In 2008, we plan on being more proactive in setting up our schedule. If you're an exhibitor, and you want us at your trial, tell your trial chairperson or secretary. We want to make up a schedule that makes sense driving a 7 mpg motor home around the country.

OK, I don't mind missing the BGCC trial now.. I just checked, and it's the weekend of the UM-OSU football game. And I know from experience, there's no TV reception at the trial site... (or for many miles around there, for that matter.) Thanks providence!

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  1. I know some grandkids who will enjoy more time with their Grandma!