Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Embarassing? I'll Give You Embarassing!

One piece about the Michigan-Appalachian State debacle last Saturday, and then I'm done with it.

Yes, I'm a Michigan fan. Margaret, too. We both were born and grew up in Ann Arbor. Margaret's parents are rabid fans.. they not only go to the major sports events, they go to women's gymnastics, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and even field hockey, (the Michigan Women were National Champions a couple years back). My parents were also die-hard fans. My dad worked as an usher at the Big House, and passed the job on to me when he retired back in the 70's. Neither of us attended UM, but when you grow up in "A-Squared" you're either a Michigan fan, or you're the equivalent of some kind of child molester.

So yes. It was embarassing last Saturday as the scores ticked in throughout the afternoon. It was doubly embarassing because I was shooting a trial in Dayton, OH that was rife with incorrigible, hated Buckeye fans... (who were probably secretly thanking whichever deities they believe in that their school wasn't stupid enough to schedule Appalachian State, a move which, win or lose, would have no good come of it).

Very embarassing. Can't say it enough. Nearly as embarassing as, say, going to a high profile National Championship football game and getting bitch-slapped around by a team nobody thought should even be there. (And then, to add insult to injury, to show up at another National Championship game in another major sport just a few short months later, and get bitch-slapped around by the very same school for all the world to see.)

Yup. Last Saturday was almost as embarassing as that. I'd put it at Number 2.


  1. Dan + Margaret:

    I was introduced to your site via Stephen's blog. While we are avid pointer fans, you have some beautiful sighthounds and it's great to see them having so much fun.

    However, I felt the need to comment being a UM grad myself... my brother-in-law took great pains to tell me of a t-shirt that has already surfaced that says 'hey Lloyd, how do you like them Appels?'. Pain indeed

    The field hockey team were pretty darned good... although I was lucky enough to have season-tickets in 1996 when the ice hockey team won their National Championship.

    best wishes

  2. Andrew.. I looked at your blog the other day when I saw it as a referring site on my site meter history.. ain't puppies fun? Thanks for the link BTW... I believe I'll reciprocate.

    UM's good for a national championship in at least one sport every year. The softball team was probably most impressive, not being from the South or California. As for Lloyd...? The Buckeye fans I was with Saturday want him to stay much like we prayed OSU would keep John Cooper =)