Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hare-Brained Express Tour - 2005

While we figure out how to get our pictures over there in the Profile column, you'll just have to see us in the two photos that were originally posted on Christmas.

Things have been, uh, interesting since Christmas, as both of us got intensely ill... I'm sure it was food poisoning from eating at the inlaws.., but Margaret suspects a "virus". I thought that's why we had Norton Utilities!

The day after Christmas was a lost Sunday. Spent the entire day in bed.. didn't even turn on the TV to watch football. Didn't even turn on the Sirius Satellite radio! Just wanted warm covers, dark and quiet.

I know I depleted my resistance the day before Christmas, by going on a death march with Buffy and Fanny at the park. Being stubborn by nature, I took off on a trail without consulting a park map to see that it was not a loop trail. So what was anticipated to be a 2-3 mile workout with the girls, ended up being about 7 miles, too close to sunset, and beset with encroaching hypothermia. What fun. It's a very pretty park though, considering it's in the middle of the northern 'burbs.

Anyway, I felt better enough today to get out and do another 2-3 miles with Fanny and Rally. (I looked at a map, and figured out how to loop... don't tell Margaret!)

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